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"River Flows in You"- Cover by Duo Alronk

"Meditation" - Jules Massenet

"Hallelujah" - L. Cohen

"A Thousand Years" - Christina Perri

"The Swan" - C. Saint-Saens

Czardas - V. Monti

"La Serenata" (Engel Lied) - G. Braga

"Moon River" - H. Mancini

"I can't help falling in love" - E. Presley

!Check out our video of a live wedding performance!

"Prinzessin Alronk und der magische Kristall" von S.T. Goodman (Trailer)

Winter - A. Vivaldi

Matinée in der Villa Sträuli Winterthur (Fragment)

Christmas Medley "Weihnachtsfantasie"

Thurgaukultur - Matinee im Museum Rosenegg, Kreuzlingen